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The world’s largest Pringles display

Utilizing a sense of retailtainment within a key market in California, the world’s largest Pringles™ display at Walmart was built. Creating a world of flavorful architecture with some of America’s most iconic buildings and structures, we created a unique destination that became a check-in spot on social media and gained such popularity the Walmart sold out of two weeks of inventory in three days.


Located in Lowell, Arkansas, this test store received an entire redesign from the inside out, with architecture and technology that has yet to be fully rolled out nationally.


Walmart’s Auto Care Center was redesigned to extend the visual language of the rest of the store by introducing color and helpful auto care tips to shoppers. The overall look and feel holds a more inviting, organized, and simplified direction. Deadline: One day.

Team Hope



Pamona, California

As thousands of children and youth flee the desperate and dangerous conditions of the Northern Triangle (Honduras, El Salvador & Guatemala) to seek a better life in the United States, Team Hope is there to give them safety, care, shelter and hope during their temporary stay. In conjunction with the Cherokee Nation and the US Government, Team Hope wanted to create an insightful brochure that could easily showcase their mission of safe, quick unifications of children with families and loved ones.


Team Hope logo.png

Plano, Texas

Total in-store layout redesign that incorporated a new visual language that included all signage 8' and above, complete with principle photography and store navigation.


This new experience included new lighting above produce and new structures for wine and spirits. Vertical navigation bars were strategically placed within each department, clearing up previously blocked sight lines from across the store.


Both regional and national packaging for the P&G brands. The initial designs were done for Puffs and sold as a 2-pack during the fall holiday season. The “curiosity killed the cat” concept also carried through to both Bounty™ Paper Towels and Bounty™ Quilted Napkins.

National packaging for Puffs™ that included both Basic and Ultra Soft & Strong. All designs carried through the perimeter of the package. A skating chipmunk, a bundled up, skiing penguin and a Prancer just for Puffs. :) 



Working directly with P&G’s Design Team in Cincinnati, OH, I created this new look and feel for their revised packaging for their premium line. The larger displays would live in the more specialty shops (i.e. Dillard’s cosmetic department) while the more standard executions would be applicable to retailers like Walmart and Target. All designs were used as a guide for the national and international rollouts for all agencies of record and supporting agencies to use as a guide.

Wendy’s™ Packaging: National

My team and I were called in to secure the Wendy’s client with a 3-day turnaround and only two things to leverage: their newly revealed logo and the new, modern look of their physical store. Our solution was to bring in the simplicity of Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired architecture and hero Wendy herself, calling it “The Quality Recipe”. Allowing color and form to represent the brand with a fresh “boldness” and a brand language that was more simple and conversational, we were able to stand out from the competition and reflect the overall brand in a positive way. This work saved the client for the agency and continues to live nationwide in the Wendy’s locations today .

WALMART TO GO, Bentonville, AR

Brand logo
WTG Logos
WTG Rendering
WTG Gas Pump Signage
WTG Interior Signage
WTG Good to Go
WTG Soft Drinks
WTG Travel Containers
WTG Verbage
WTG Facebook
WTG Travel Cups
WTG Franks to You

Working closely with Walmart, my team and I helped create their first effort into the convenience store channel. Logo design and internal brand language development were requested and we took it to the finish line within a busy weekend.

European Autospecialist

Traffic stopping (literally) billboard located next to the road in front of the service location.
Ad campaign series
Ad campaign series
Ad campaign series

Building brand awareness for a local automotive shop, an award-winning ad campaign was created along with a billboard that was so successfully disruptive that it had to be taken down after three days due to the traffic accidents it was causing.

Febreze™ Limited Edition Spring Collection

Limited Edition Spring Collection

Combining the tactics of engaging, in-store execution with the reach of digital, this work successfully raised awareness of the Spring Scents campaign.

Febreze Limited Edition Spring Collection

Febreze Limited Edition Spring Collection

Febreze Pumpkin Bliss Native Ads

Within a minimum budget, a series of native ads were created to introduce the new Febreze scent of Pumpkin Bliss.

As the North American Design Director for the shopper marketing agency Saatchi & Saatchi X, my team and I were put in charge over Chapter 12 “Diamonds in the Mine” of Kevin Roberts’ book, Lovemarks: Expanded Edition. This chapter focused on what shopping is and what its experiences should and can be. If you’re not familiar with the book, here are a few of the spreads to view.

Jabba the Hutt Palace Guard Con Exclusiv
Star Wars logo.png

Jabba the Hutt

Star Wars Celebration 2019 Exclusive

Probably the most fun I've had designing a package in my whole career. Sadly, it was killed due to timing with the manufacturer. Ugh.

Jabba Package break down.jpg

Elements of development

Pokemon Popcorn Maker.png

Pokemon Poke Ball Popcorn Popper

Add a little whimsy to your kitchen with this Pokemon Pokeball Popcorn Maker. It's as easy as catching a Magikarp! When all else fails...this Pokeball Popcorn Maker will catch 'em all - kernels, that is.

Corn on the Claws.png

Wolverine's Corn on the Claws!

If Wolverine is your spirit animal, then Corn on the Claws is the cooking accessory you’ve been waiting a painful eternity to possess. It’s time to let your inner beast out at your next cookout. ‘Nuff said.

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